a collection of links of interest to musicians

Donny Wright of SuperDigital is working in a club band several nights a week & is an independent musician who just made his own album with ProTools. These are some websites he thinks you'd like.

A&R Online [http://aandronline.com] Indie Band Directory, Copyright assistance, industry lnks.

Artistopia [http://artistopia.com] Artist support, Charts, News, Shopping, Radio, Blog, a veritable smorgasbord of stuff.

BandRadio [http://bandradio.com] Resource for unsigned bands, forum, products, features new bands The unsigned band resource.

Go2Audio Directory [http://go2audio.com] Lists Audio sites like who does duplication, sells stuff etc

Just Plain Folks [http://jpfolks.com] Online community of musicians, songwriters, publishers, engineers. they host a a song contest, have message boards, news

Kind Web [http://kindweb.com] Links and info for Hippies, earth friendly types, and them what wants change.

Muse´s Muse [http://musesmuse.com] Tips, resources, links, message boards focused on songwriting.

Music Link Exchange [http://musiclinkexchange.com] Free sheet music, free Karaoke, free music downloads

DB Promotions [http://dbpromotions.ca] Event planning, Publicity.

GarageBand [http://garageband.com] A way to find new music. big site with lots of stuff. Pretty cool.

GetSigned [http://getsigned.com] Sells how to books. Junky. Much hype.

Gigpage [http://gigpage.com] Gig calendar service. They've apparently never heard of MySpace.

Go Listen Live [http://golistenlive.net] Indie resource site with Articles, Reviews, Classifieds, more. Worth a look.

GoGirls Music [http://gogirlsmusic.com] The name says it all. Promotes women who rock.

Hot Bands [http://hotbands.com] Seattle music site offers Web hosting and more..

Indie Band Manager [http://indiebandmanager.com] Sells what looks to be a cool program for organizing your band managing work, like record keeping, inventory, call backs, booking etc... Priced from cheap to a couple hundred.

Indie Band Sites [http://indiebandsites.com] Online promotion and web hosting.

Indie Connections [http://indie-connections.com] A list of various links to other sites like these.

Indie-Music [http://indie-music.com] Music source, Magazine, Classifieds, Tip Sheet.

IndieRadio [http://indieradio.org] Music Blog. Very Indie.

Music Distribution [http://musicdistribution.com] Music promotion how to Blog. Promotes his book. Looks like good info and nice clean site.

Music Submit [http://musicsubmit.com] Genre specific promotion site. you submit your material to them
MusicBizAdvice [http://www.musicbizadvice.com] Tips, Advice, more tips, more advice...lots of content. What to and what not to.

MusicDish [http://musicdish.com] Interesting collection of articles and artists from many genres and levels.

Outersound [http://outersound.com] Reviews, Bands, Fprums, Articles (they call it University, Aw....) LInks.

PowerGig [http://www.powergig.com] Booking site. Find venues, performers, buyers, industry links.

Sonic Bids [http://sonicbids.com] Booking Site.

Sonic Garden [http://sonicgarden.com] Find Bands, concerts, radio stations, interviews, reviews.

StarPolish [http://starpolish.com] Band self help info.

Stompinground [http://stompinground.com] Band resource, promotion, forums,
An independent music-oriented web site featuring Independent/unsigned bands, indie band listings, Music resources, Record label listings and many other resources.

Sonic Switchblade [http://sonicswitchblade.com] A reference site for music business related sites. Has pop-ups.

TAXI [http://taxi.com] Song placement, help getting signed, like winning the lottery but hey...

Yahoo [http://launch.yahoo.com] Website for all the music stuff you see on TV, Miley, Snoop Doggy, Ashley and more.

Rick's recommended sites


A must see comprehensive intellectual law and resources links for musicians & composers with a focus on jazz. Resources on copyrights, trademarks, royalty collection, and other intellectual property topics. Also contains extensive information and resources to record labels, venues, booking agents and managers, & much more

Merch for your band

More merch

Pop Culture

You get the royalties on what you sell

What started off as a series of blog posts is now a 96-pageFREE PDF file for you to read at your leisure.

SNOCAP, Inc. is the first end-to-end provider of digital licensing and copyright management services for the digital music marketplace

Sonicbids is an online matchmaking site for bands and people who book or license music

Ringtone hell

streaming internet radio hell but fun

Bands from 1954 to 1980 from the Pacific Northwest

UFO STUFF - just for fun!

GlobalSecurity.org is the leading source for reliable space news and space information, directed by John Pike

Mercury astronaut, Gordon Cooper, is touring the country touting hisbook, <i>Leap of Faith -- an Astronaut's Journey into the Unknown</i> . Cooper believes the government is holding back information on UFOs.



Tesla, Moray, Hutchinson Quantum Physics

Check out our new Hutchison page, complete with experimental-video, audio-interviews and more.



Provides downloadable images of leaked highly classified documents; shows pictures and brief biographies of the military leaders then and now that are linked to the super secret MJ-12 program; decodes a variety of classified codeword programs related to the UFO topic; discusses document authentication procedures and how they are applied to the examination of leaked documents.

http://www.e-onsoftware.com/products/solutions/?page=animation Professional 3D Computer Graphics software to create, animate and render realistic 3D worlds, landscapes and natural environments maybe even some faked ufo movies?

Access to thousands of pages of once secret historical documents, recordings, photos, video and audio.

The Disclosure Project

Jim writes great books. Check out Alien Agenda, & Rule By Secrecy




Here on the Gallery page you can find the very latest images, videos and products from the Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn

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