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This summer only fantastic BURL A to D Convertor $300 off - only $2200.
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We sell audio Software: ProTools, Cubase, Ableton Live, Sonar, Reason,

Auto Tune, Studio One, Wavelab, mcDSP & more !

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Genelec, PreSonus, Neumann, Digidesign, Audix, KRK
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MCDSP Storewide Sale extended thru august call us 503 228 2222

Me are excited to introduce August Flash Sales!! Altho we are closed saturdays in august email usahead if you want to buy some software on sale.

4 Weekends of Savings!
Each weekend in the month of August we will have one plug-in at an insanely LOW price.
August 5-7:
FilterBank Native v6
MAP: $49
FilterBank HD v6
MAP: $99

August 12-14:
ML4000 Native v6
MAP: $69
ML4000 HD v6
MAP: $119

August 19-21:
AE400 Active EQ Native v6
MAP: $69
AE400 Active EQ HD v6
MAP: $119

August 26-28th:
Analog Channel Native v6
MAP: $49
Analog Channel HD v6
MAP: $99
Want to hear them? You can make an appointment to hear these great tools with Pro Tools 12 in our mastering suite.


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